Our story

When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. “All I knew was that I really liked art, making things with my hands, and building things,” until I got introduced to woodworking and immediately realized I had to be part of it.

So due to my Fascination of patterns, forms of nature and my genuine interest in quality and experimental workmanship, I decided to create VAKMAN ltd. At just 21 years old, jumping into woodworking with no experience wasn’t easy, since woodworking and metalworking have historically been disciplines dominated by men. But it felt like an important moment to do something that supports my community, put my country on the industrial map and speaks to the inequities that still exist.”

VAKMAN ltd was created in MAY 2018. Having started with no money and scrap –to- No equipment yet together with a team of 2 technicians operating in my home parking lot, we proceeded to acquire advanced machinery, trained personnel (VAKMAN ltd currently employs 20 employees), well equipped workshop and constantly improving products and our services to meet the customers’ expectations all trough sales by diligently working hard, overall aiming to be the leading company in Made in Rwanda woodworks industry in the region.